These have been gathered from various clients and posted on different platforms on the web.

“Rob has been my masseur for several years. During this time, I have a variety of massages from Rob. He is very knowledgeable, considerate and caring. He has taken care of old issues that were causing pain, he destressed my neck shoulders and provided a deeply relaxing hot rock massage. I highly recommend Rob, as his slogan says “he helps manage pain’, yes he does!
– Carolynne Melnyk

“Recommended by a friend to see Rob. very professional and makes you feel very comfortable on the table. He thoroughly focuses on areas where you want to be worked on the most, and has a way to really get the knots and kinks out! He knows his stuff!
– Magda Plesowicz

“So this post is for all my #fibrowarriors and especially if you live in #edmonton area. I had an amazing treatment today from @robhodginscalm. I walked in flaring with numbness on the right side of my body and a tingly sensation in hands and feet. I was looking for relief and after a few questions he knew exactly what to do.
I seek alternative treatments to support my self care and when I find one that works so effectively, I have to share. I highly recommend Rob! He will be my go to massage therapist from now on. I walked out with very little pain and full feeling back in my entire body. Connect with him and you won’t be disappointed.” #amazing #grateful
– Michelle Dionne-Nisbet

“Rob was able to work out so many sore spots and eased most of my tension in just one session, will be returning just to see him.”
– Tanya Guay

“Rob does amazing work! He was ale to find where I was out of balance and help correct it. I felt like a new person after! Highly recommend Rob, excited for our next session.”
– Kelly Moore

“Rob is wonderful at what he does.
He is so knowledgeable and a true healer.
He wants you feeling better and off his table, I would him to help anyone who is looking to ease their physical pain or even completely heal it.
With Rob I always know I am being treated by a genuine, heart centred human being.
He is just that great.”
– Tyann Byers

“I went to see Rob Hodgins today to see what he could do about my shoulder/arm pain. I knew I needed someone that practiced orthopedic massage. He did a splendid job on relieving the nerve pain! Massage Therapy is great for relaxation and muscle stress, but when it comes to nerve damage & deep muscle pain you really do need someone who knows that they are doing. Rob has learnt from the best! I would certainly recommend him.”
– Elizabeth Yorath-Welsh

“Thank you thank you thank you Rob Hodgins calm for the follow up manual osteopathy on my knee and hip and for the extra time you took with my hip tonight!!! I feel a million times better with zero pain! You truly are the muscle whisperer.”
– Jenny Homan

“What a relief I certainly feel after the killer migraine I had for over a day! Robs fascial release work definitely was golden ticket to help relieve my migraine. Thanks again Rob!”
– Michelle Wadsworth

“Rob did such an amazing job working with my feet! As a busy mom and business owner, I don’t get too many opportunities to relax and literally put my feet up. Rob made me comfortable, answered my questions, and used wonderful massage techniques to use my feet as a trigger to relax my whole body. I always slept better after a treatment. I definitely recommend his services!”
– Holly Messenger Aamot

“I have been fortunate enough to visit with Rob on several occasions. His desire to repair issues is remarkable. I appreciate his tenacity to work on old issues where other have given up. A 10 year old back pain went away with Fascia released. I look forward to releasing other issues. Thx Rob!”
– Fab Bince

“What a pleasure it is to work with Rob! He is true to his word; whatever he says he will do, he does it. -And you can count on it being done beyond your expectations. It is Rob’s sincere desire to help you in any way he can through his massage and healing modalities. If you have a pain, Rob will find its root and help you get rid of it.”
– Christine Till

“This is Anna from healing therapy clinic Rob Hodgins went to college with me together we were studying together we were practising together and I know how good he is he is amazing. I was today this morning at the Rob Hodgins and got an amazing massage just and 20 minutes he is an amazing mnassage therapist loved it. I feel lots better now.”
– Anna Klassen

“I’m grateful for the relaxing massage I had at my home a couple of nights ago. Rob gently got the kinks out of my muscles resulting in my feeling more comfortable. If you are looking for an excellent massage therapist I would recommend Rob Hodgins.”
– Diane Matthews

“Thank you for working on me Rob. I feel so much looser and those little nagging aches are gone. The exercises you suggested are helping me keep the agility. I will come in for another tune up after planting season lol. Have a great weekend. Angel hugs.”
– Marie Matthews

“Rob has been an integral part of my life for years now. He truly comes from a spiritual and mindful place in his practice. He not only is physically capable of releasing my stress and aches, but he does so with knowledge and humour as well. He is very attentive and goes above and beyond, whether explaining something thoroughly, or making slight adjustments to ensure I’m comfortable or that there’s the right amount of pressure , or just allowing me to drift way in peaceful quiet bliss. I feel truly grateful to have found such a passionate and dedicated massage therapist.”
– Jesse Anderson

“This man is articulate, educated, experienced and dedicated. Passion, pride and skills are an outrageous combination in wholistic care. A miracle worker to realign and maintain your spine health.”
– Dawn Quigg

“I had a full knee replacement surgery and two weeks later I asked Rob to come in weekly. It was not only something to look forward to but I really think that his touch sped my recovery. Rob is easy going. He keeps up the the latest techniques. He came to my home!!
Highly recommend folks.”
– David C. Dorward

“The massage therapist I had, Robert, was very attentive…and helpful in that he gave me some tips to try and relieve stress. I would definitely recommend this place.”
– Melissa Aloisio-Schnack

“Rob is amazing. He fixed my shoulder today. Thank you so much. i really recommend Rob.”
– Dhaliwal Kiran

“Rob is amazing! He got all the spots that have been bugging me and also found a few more that were hiding. By far the best massage I received in my life I will definitely be going back!”
– Addi Brown

“I always go and see Rob at massage addict! He is amazing I highly recommend him! Not only does he do a wonderful job and he is super knowledgeable but he makes you laugh the whole time. Overall experience was wonderful and I will keep returning! Thank you Rob!”
– Sheila Watters

“I’ve been seeing Rob for massage therapy for 3 years now and I couldn’t imagine going to anyone else. He takes the time to figure out exactly what is bothering you and always sends me home with helpful advice to follow. Beyond the fact the he really knows what he’s doing, he’s just a great person to be around. His overall happy and calm demeanor is contagious even to a (sometimes) very grumpy person like me.”
– Mary C. Montgomery