Services and Pricing

These last few years have NOT been like any other.

As of now: Nobody needs complexity. Nobody needs add-on expenses.

You need simplicity. You need peace of mind. You still have that.

With all that in mind, here is the price for ALL of my services effective April 28, 2022 :

Your evening visit will cost $79.95 per hour.

That’s it. $79.95 gives you access to all of my body work modalities:
A 60 minute therapeutic session will cost $79.95.
A 60 minute relaxation session will cost $79.95.
A 60 minute hot stone session will cost $79.95.

A 90 minute session will cost $119.92.
A 2 hour session will cost $159.90.

What else is new for you?

Well, there are other ways to save:

  • If you refer 3 people to me (and they book with me at $79.95), you will get 3 sessions for free! I call this my Ambassador Program. I like the sound of that and I’m pretty sure you’ll want to take part!