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It is 2023-10-30. What up with our gov?

Let’s find out! Who advises the fed about us maintaining our health? Information from the provincial level about getting health care. From the civic level: Pedestrian and traffic safety. That’s a good start.Have yourself an awesome day!

The Booking Calendar

Is the search complete? I’ll admit it. I enjoy fiddling with this website.I look on it as a work in progress.I do get folks contacting me making a website for me, but I turn them down.I’d prefer to spend time learning something on my own than to spend money on a complete stranger’s idea of …

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Well, I Gone and Done It

I have a booking calendar. I actually had a booking calendar from a company named Calendarspots. The link to them is here: . Great product. Great company. There was only one problem: nobody wanted to book with the calendar. Prospective clients would call or text to ask about availabilities and if I directed them …

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A (Wrong) Reputation about Massage

It Must Be Corrected We have all heard it. I doubt most of us have questioned it. In fact, it’s so pervasive in the massage world that we have simply come to accept it as the truth. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. It is this issue: I’m here today to clear …

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Two Long Term Relationships. Gone. Poof!

I’ve been meaning to do more with this website. Honest. Social media platforms are fine for a lot of reasons but there are times that a website fits the bill better than social media. And so, there I was all set to get back into the web work. And then… Two very long term relationship …

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Greetings. We’re freezing. How are you? Today is the Monday in between Christmas Day and New Years Eve. It’s a bit of a strange time of year because for some folks it’s an extended holiday.For other folks, it’s business as usual and they’re back at work just like it’s a regular work day. Things are …

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I Get Unexpected Questions

This is likely my fault. I’ve been involved in the massage field for so long that I sometimes forget to include information that prospective clients really want/need to know. I advertise my services, in part, through social media and more often than not I get questions from prospective clients about matters I would have considered …

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And The Music

The music of Mannheim Steamroller was introduced to the family through a school Christmas concert in the early 90s.Shortly thereafter I played this and other Mannheim Steamroller tunes every year as “part ‘n parcel” of the Chrismas tree being decorated.Good times. I can almost “see” the younger version of the kids decorating… There are loads …

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Of Testimonials and Treatments

It was almost two years ago that a friend suggested I post testimonials on my website written by clients. I only recently got around to doing that. It took me a long (very long) time for me to decide how to present this. They are here. I’m likely very much like a lot of you …

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Where did all that time go?

I haven’t been posting here for a while. But things have been busy as I’ve been working through this second year of covid. I rekindled a love affair with Debian Linux, got dumped by same, boomeranged over to a flavour of Ubuntu, fiddled with that until I got that “It’s not you, it’s everything else” …

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