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Blue Christmas

Christmas Blues This is the darkest time of the year. Not just outside, but for many this time of year is the darkest. It’s even got a name: Christmas Blues. If you got it…well, you are totally normal! Think about it: there’s the lead up to NOW that seems to start sometime around mid-October, then …

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The Virus

I call it a virus. Whatever you call it, your mood spreads to the people around you. You hear expressions like, “Her entry brightened up the entire room”. How did that happen? We pick up “something” from the people (or things) around us. And we react to it. We may not be aware that we’re …

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Eli the Computer Guy

I’ve been spending time listening to Eli the Computer Guy. I haven’t listened to ALL of his videos yet but he’s done a great job introducing the basics of servers and desktops in the Linux world. One perspective I particularly enjoyed was his belief that an external consultant, like himself, should always check around to …

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Three time sinks that are better for you than social media

We aim for predictability. We do not enjoy too much change coming too fast. It’s true, right? Change hurts. So, at the end of a stressful day we might log in to one of the social media platforms where we can relax, be ourselves, commiserate with our virtual friends. There are three places where your …

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