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What’s coming up?

Now we start the slow trudge towards our longest night and shortest day. What’s coming up on the calendar that will be of interest to you. Plenty to keep us occupied. The next statutory holiday for all Canadians is Christmas Day. It falls on a Monday this year. This might impact your pay. Here in …

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What’s going on under the skin?

Sharing this way because Facebook thinks this is news.It is not news that we don’t know what is in cosmetics. Here is the link: How nasty? Take a peek.

The Virus

I call it a virus. Whatever you call it, your mood spreads to the people around you. You hear expressions like, “Her entry brightened up the entire room”. How did that happen? We pick up “something” from the people (or things) around us. And we react to it. We may not be aware that we’re …

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Carbs 10 Uh oh!

One of the most time consuming tasks I’ve faced since becoming a diabetic is calculating carbs. It just isn’t “natural” to me. I’m more accustomed to just grabbing food as I needed it. Currently, it takes about an hour for me to do the relevant calculations then prepare the meal and eat it. To be …

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Balance. Losing it. Getting it back…better than it was.

People settle into routines. These routines then get disrupted. It can be a bit of a stress when that happens. Disruption has been my partner at least since November up until now. In many ways it has been a long difficult period of time. But it brought plenty of positive aspects to it. Diabetes is, …

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Differences between massage and orthopedic massage and osteoarticular techniques.

I’ll get back to you on this someday…

The Lazy Hazy Days in #yeg

Have you noticed something in the last few weeks?There’s a general “slow down, go slower, even slower than that” feeling with the population in #yeg. This is great news! We need to do this regularly. But with all the events of the last many couple of years we haven’t been able to do it. There …

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