2024-05-07 Where did the time go?

Time flies when I’m having fun.

I’m still a bus passenger. I’m enjoying it. And I’m saving loads of cash.

The LRT system here in Edmonton has been quite controversial over the last many decades and this particular branch of it that I use isn’t apparently no where near earning its keep. There aren’t loads of passengers using it. Not yet.

It strikes me as kind of funny that, in this day and age of concerns over cybersecurity and privacy, I’m pretty well an open book to Apple (because I’m carrying around a rarely used iPhone all the time), Google (because the public transit trip planner used by the city relies on Google for the maps) and the City of Edmonton (because when and where my Arc card is used is tracked by the city itself).

The weather around here in Edmonton has been its usual changeable self: hot one day, cold the next, windy the third and so on. That plays havoc with my blood sugars and makes timing and dosages of insulin unpredictable in advance. When it comes to the injections I just have to rely on “how do I feel right now”. A dry mouth might suggest that I’m accumulating sugar in the blood and therefore need insulin, Aching hips or a tired feeling might indicate that I need to get more sugar into my cells (and so time for either a meal or a shot of insulin). I’m saying might because what I feel often gets contradicted by by doing a “jab the finger, test the blood” test.

I’m still testing my blood the old-fashioned way: with a glucometer. Folks have been urging me go modern and start using one of those cell phone apps along side one of those “patches” that is taped to the arm. I’ll be looking into doing that soon.

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