The People’s Limousine

Hidden benefits.

We have enjoyed a very mild winter this year. Barely any accumulation of snow to speak of with the exception of a very cold few weeks about a month back.

My car didn’t start and didn’t sound right after a few days of -50C windchill. I lost a few days of work at the home reno place because of that and I decided that me and the car were finished. My son was able to get it sold for a better price than I thought it was worth. And I wound up being a bus rider. It’d been some decades since I’d used the bus and it took some getting used to.

I’m up and out of home earlier than before. A 15 minute drive to work has become an hour to an hour and a half, but I don’t look on that as a bad thing. I notice stuff I hadn’t seen before. And I’m free of worries about upcoming repairs or maintenance costs that come along with owning a car.

It takes longer to get from place to place but the places I go to are usually worth the extra time it takes getting there.

I haven’t calculated how much per month I’m saving, but peace of mind is one benefit and that is (to my way of thinking) priceless.

And yes, folks I talk to speak of public transit being a target of “undesireables” or “ruffians”. You know? I have seen a couple of homeless folks and one person who may have been a bit drunk or stoned. That’s it. So much for that myth.

Will I stay a rider instead of a driver? Well, I’m definitely not doing mobile massage anymore. It IS easier to bus (longer travel time aside). I haven’t done much in the way of inter-city road trips for years now….

So, this may very well be permanent.