Watch Those Feelings

The weather CAN affect your mood. Keep an eye on both.

It’s not just low temperatures. High temperatures can also change your mood.

We may not think about the weather too much. But we should. And we have to consider it’s impact on us because it can and does change our actions.

This article describes some of the impacts.

Fire up your favourite search engine and look for “psychology freezing temperatures” and “emotions freezing temperatures” to get some more insights.

We can’t control the weather but it helps to recognize how it impacts you and what steps you can take to prepare for these impacts.

Here is my short list of things that can be done to help that might help:

  • Triage your out-trips. put off the unnecessary visits or do them electronically. The recent COVID issue prompted plenty of businesses to offer electronic delivery services. They may cost more, but they may be worth it.
  • Bundle up. Even indoors.
  • Talk to people. Don’t isolate yourself. Check in on family and friends.
  • Write notes about how you’re feeling. Concerns should be taken to your doctor.
  • Check in with your HR department and ask them about online mental health sites you can access.

Winter, cold temperatures, and reduced day length don’t last forever. They only feel that way.
I hope this post as helped to relieve some of the mystery attached

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