It’s time for a cold one

It’s been a good run, hasn’t it?

If you have happened to look at the weather forecast for dear old #yeg lately, you already know what is coming.

In case you haven’t…nature is trying to recoup it’s losses from October through to December in one weekend!

It’s going to be cold. Very cold. How cold is that. VERY.

Check out the what The Weather Network has to say:

It’s that “Feels like” bit that gets me.

This will not be a time to be out and about without planning.

What can these temperatures do to you and what can you do ahead of time?

Here’s what the CDC has to say.

And here is the word from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Okay. So what can you do about all that? Well…this is a great start!

Plan ahead, understand what you’re getting into before you get into it.


Also, hunt around for some info on what to do with your vehicle if you have one.