Blue Christmas

Christmas Blues

This is the darkest time of the year. Not just outside, but for many this time of year is the darkest.

It’s even got a name: Christmas Blues.

If you got it…well, you are totally normal!

Think about it: there’s the lead up to NOW that seems to start sometime around mid-October, then there’s the rash of parties (work, family, friends, maybe a few impromptu random ones you hadn’t planned on), the fast food, the expectations, the anticipation, the rushing around, the triaging of yet more and more social engagements.

The list is endless.

And all of this while the endless nights and lower temperatures are telling our bodies that it’s time to SLOW DOWN!

I’m no expert on this. I’m a massage expert. So, I offer you the link above and I’m here to say that item 2 (self care) is my area. My hours are listed on my booking page.

Give me shout (or a text or email) and let’s work that self-care. How’s that sound?

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