Every year…

Without fail.

We all know the end of the year comes sooner or later. Well, it pretty much always comes at the end of the year.

And, for those who rely on health benefits, the end of the year can also bring in the need to renew their benefits for the next year. So far, so good.

But what seems to be less obvious to many policy holders is that unused benefits from this year will go away once the new year starts.

So, what does that mean? Well, you’ve been paying into these benefits all year long. And at the end of the year that money is gone!

Many folks realize this too late and the result is a very sad one to see: Massage clinics packed with people trying to use up their benefits. They have their partners with them. Their kids with them. They piling in to get value from those benefits!

What a mess!

And think of the therapists. Something many clients do not realize is that the wear and tear on the therapists is excruciatingly painful. A lot of therapists are already feeling dragged out at this time of year (as are we all) and the added work load assigned by the clinics only adds to their fatigue. They may also be juggling work at a number of different clinics…

They simply cannot be at the top of their game at this time of year.

I know plenty of therapists who simply take a vacation around now to escape the chaos.

However, your therapist should be able to help you avoid this. They should be able to refer you to another therapist. Many people do not know that. Now, you do. This is simply a good client service practice. So, don’t be afraid to ask for a referral.

Say good bye to all those hassles.

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