What’s coming up?

Now we start the slow trudge towards our longest night and shortest day.

What’s coming up on the calendar that will be of interest to you.

Plenty to keep us occupied.

The next statutory holiday for all Canadians is Christmas Day. It falls on a Monday this year. This might impact your pay. Here in Alberta it’s worth checking out this page.

Around this time of year the insurance companies send out notices about your employment benefits. If you are enrolled in a benefits program this is your opportunity to review the benefits you will get for 2024.

Remember that these benefits are partially taken from your paycheque. They are not refundable. If you don’t use them…you lose them.

I join with all massage therapists across Canada too encourage you to review the benefits you’ve paid for and make sure you use them up before the end of the year! Hint: some extra massage therapy sessions are a perfectly valid way to put those benefits to use!

Finally, we don’t live in stress-free bubbles. One day is not like another. External stresses will impact you and your health. The most obvious stresses at this time of year are the decreasing light and the cold. Take a couples of minutes to check your weather app or website to “get a feel” for what today’s weather might be and dress, drive, and eat appropriately.

Have an awesome day!

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