A New Start

As all good things must come to a start.

There isn’t any one date things changed. Just a series of micro-changes over time that led to a life that is totally different than what it was.

Some of the changes include diet. I’m now nearly a complete vegetarian. I don’t have any spiritual reason for letting go of meat . It was simply cheaper to eat veggies on a regular basis than meat. Meat has become stupid-expensive here in good old Alberta. I DO get some meat every now and again. Perhaps once every 2-3 weeks. There are things in meat that aren’t met by other components of my diet.

I watch what I eat. Again, this wasn’t a choice with deep spiritual meaning. I literally HAVE to see what is in the stuff I’m sticking in my mouth because I need to know the carbohydrate count I’m ingesting. Getting it wrong can seriously mess up my entire metabolism. Not enough carbs in the system and I’m exhausted. Too much insulin and I get all stupid-silly and run the risk of a diabetic coma because the old brain isn’t getting any sugar to function or live on. I’m on the search engines constantly hunting down carb contents of stuff like peanuts, zucchini, etc.

Liquids I drink. Water. Coffee. Nothing exciting here.

I have to be monitoring my mood. If I get too worked up over something, that can definitely mess up my metabolism. It’s that “flight or fight” thing we’ve all heard about.

I need to stay on the move. And this is a really irritating one. I get “good” (low) blood sugars at one of my jobs and there I am always walking except for a couple of 15 minute breaks and lunch. On the days I’m not working and I’m at home doing paper work and on the computer, my blood sugars are all over the place: highs, lows, in between. I’m not used to continually breaking my paper work time and it seriously messes up my train of thought.

Planning ahead of time. A day. A week. Essential!

Oddly, I honestly believe that becoming a Type 1 diabetic was perhaps the best thing that ever happened to me.

Life is odd.