Facebook Marketplace and other sites: First thoughts.

We accumulate stuff. We buy it or find it or inherit it….

And then we hold on to it for whatever reason.

In my case, I held on to stuff because I thought my kids might want/need it “down the road”. As in when they got places of their own.

Well, we ARE down the road now and they have gone over and through what I’ve been holding onto and taken what they wanted. So, all of that waiting has come to an end.

Now, there are some things left over. And there are some thing from my massage business that I’d like to sell.

I turned to Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoor to see how things went when I tried selling my items there.


In some ways, the experience reminded me of the the real open air markets where I used to hang out as a kid. So much stuff!

In other ways it was quite frustrating. Customers are very different when they’re separated by computers instead of being face to face. They can be extremely rude when separated by computers.

However it sits at the present time, I have made some trial runs, learned from them, and am getting ready to head back “out there” with my inventory that I want to sell.