Well, I’m “home”.

Ubuntu was making me nuts. Its drive to make things easy was getting in my way. I didn’t feel in control of what it was doing “under the hood”. And that was quite annoying to me.

I shifted back to Debian.

This fits with a number of other events going on in my life at this time: a new job where they believe in “giving back” to the community, a visit to a local food bank where (as always on these trips) I found people who were open, honest, and hell bent and determined to help wherever possible.

I’ve even volunteered to join the Edmonton Food Bank. I believe in giving back.

So, the shift to Debian (a community based Linux distribution) was a natural.

And what has it been like?

Well…there has been a lot of learning to do. Hitting up the good old internet.

Debian does not hold your hand by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s frustrating as all get-out at some points. But getting through the error messages, solving issues, changing the way I approach things has been nothing but a positive experience.

Debian was the right place to go.