Ubuntu 22.04 – First Impressions

Not great.

I know I’m coming late to the Ubuntu love-fest.

For the most part, coming late was because of being busy. But there was always a hope that any bugs in 22.04 would be resolved after nearly a year.

They aren’t.

I chose Ubuntu over Debian because I expected a more polished product that wouldn’t require much “fiddling around” to get things set right. Not a great choice this time around.

So, here we go.

  1. Snaps are annoying.
  2. The webcam app (Cheese) simply does NOT work. Neither does Kamoso. They freeze.
  3. Thunderbird has outrageously large fonts in the Inbox and the left pane.
  4. At times, my reasonably current (2021 Acer Aspire) computer with 8 GB of RAM seems to be overworking if the sounds of the fan are any guide.

Sure. There is plenty of information on the web to “fiddle with this” or “fiddle with that” to get things fixed up. But, it was not needing to fiddle around that led me to Ubuntu in the first place.

Ubuntu 22.04, I’m sorry. No.

I confess. I fiddled.

  1. To remove snaps, I followed the information at this link: https://itsfoss.com/remove-snap/
  2. To correct the issue with Cheese, I followed the information here: https://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2022/04/workaround-cheese-ubuntu-2204/
  3. The font issue in Thunderbird took a while to track down. Some ideas from the web (like this one: https://superuser.com/questions/1660637/how-to-adjust-the-font-size-of-the-message-list-and-of-the-folder-list-in-thunde) suggested that I’d be rooting down into Tbird’s innards, Whoa! As it turned out, the solution was remarkably simple: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=31915423#:~:text=The%20default%20is%2012px.,max%20appears%20to%20be%2030px
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