The Virus

I call it a virus. Whatever you call it, your mood spreads to the people around you.

You hear expressions like, “Her entry brightened up the entire room”. How did that happen?

We pick up “something” from the people (or things) around us. And we react to it. We may not be aware that we’re doing it but I’m pretty sure we have all felt our moods suddenly shift and we don’t know why. This is the time for some self-examination.

Sometimes, it’s something simple…something internal. Maybe it’s hunger? A headache is starting? The air is too dry?

Sometimes, it’s something external…perfume, cologne, poor hygiene?

Before you inflict your changed mood on those around you, understand that you must take a few minutes to “reset” your mood. A good way of doing that is to remind yourself of the good in the world. With that “good” in mind, focus on that. Let your mood react to that “good”.

Got it?

Now you are ready to be around others.