Customer Service Representative

Also know as Client Service Professionals and possibly hundreds of other names.

These are the people that are the customer-facing side of a business.

They might be cashiers, bank tellers, front desk staff, or other individuals a client or customer might encounter while on the premises of a business.

If the business is heavily into using contractors these people are also the contractor-facing side of a business.

The professionalism of these Customer Service Representatives is what will be remembered by customers and contractors long after any financial transactions have occurred. And will heavily influence if the customer will return to that business in the future.

I left a bank I had done business with for over 25 years because a teller wouldn’t complete a form in a manner I asked them to. He simply refused. Well, in this day and age, it’s far simpler to sign up with a new bank rather than deal with someone like that.

I left a web hosting service a year or two ago because their Customer Service Representative was essentially useless.

And I left a internet service provider for the same reason.

And I’m sure I’m not the only one who has done this.

If I look at websites like Payscale or I can see these individuals are extremely poorly paid.

How did such a crucial part of a business become so under valued?

It’s a pity.

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