Ahh Debian!

I stumbled across the gem of a website 20 years ago.

This was during a time I was looking for a text editor/word processor that could also function as an outliner with NO artificially imposed file size limts. And it seemed that everybody was selling a solution. I didn’t want to buy a program. I knew about shareware and freeware…

But Debian was a different critter. Strolling through their website, I found more than an editor that would meet my needs, I also found confusion. I tried very hard to get Debian onto a computer and not delete it later because of the frustration it caused me getting the simplest of things done.

Then I heard about this upstart called Ubuntu and how it answered a lot of Debian’s usability issues.

Both of these websites offered an operating system and applications for free. I rather liked that.

And slowly I learned about Linux and Copyleft and Slackware and Red Hat and that Windows was NOT the only game in town for my computer. Those were good days.

Real life called me and kept me busy for the next 20 years. Things like earning an income, raising offspring…that sort of thing.

So. let’s flash forward 20 years. It’s now. Offspring have left the nest and income requirements are considerably lower than they have been for quite some time.

And. I. Go. Back to the Debian website and what do I see?


So, now I want to do something about this. I want to clear the confusion. I will blog all about navigating Debian’s website and getting this operating on your computer….

Well, I check out Youtube first and I find that there are a lot of people who have pointed out the problems and solutions to navigating Debian’s website and getting the operating system onto their computers. Youtube didn’t exist when I first stumbled over Debian.

Oh! Well now. Ummm. Good! Bravo! Thank you, brave souls. You have saved me a lot of work.

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