Three time sinks that are better for you than social media

We aim for predictability.

We do not enjoy too much change coming too fast.

It’s true, right? Change hurts.

So, at the end of a stressful day we might log in to one of the social media platforms where we can relax, be ourselves, commiserate with our virtual friends.

There are three places where your time could be better spent. Honest.

Here in Canada where I live the first is Yep, our federal government web site.

There is a huge amount of information there on health, budgeting, our culture and history, and more.

The second site to check out is the website of your city, town, or village.

For me, that would be Here, I find information on activities, parks, and recreation, programs and services, city government, and more.

And finally, get in the habit of checking into whatever layer(s) of government that exist between the above two.

For me, that would be Here I find information about arts and culture, health, life events (births, deaths, and everything in between.

You will likely be overwhelmed on your first visit. But like everything else in life, the more attempts the easier it gets to keep up.

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