Of Plans, Computers, and Outlines

Plans are important. They give me something to look forward to.

For most of my life, I’ve had this “thing’ for computers and for outlines and I have found no better outliner than Emacs. Love it!

Outlines form the basis of planning. Or perhaps it’s the reverse? And Emacs makes altering, refining, and changing an outline easy to do.

Outlines also form the base for structured writing which is where good technical writing comes from.

I got lucky yesterday. I remembered the Canadian Diabetes Association. It’s now called Diabetes Canada. I checked it out last night and there is a huge amount of info there about foods and can eat and exercises I can do to get this body back “close to” where I was before diabetes hit.

There is work out there waiting for me. I want it. I just need to get ready for it.

Today’s plan is to contact folks who need to know about the new me, plan some physical activity, schedule some appointments, and eat properly. Oh, and to keep track of the meds I’m taking and record blood sugars and maybe my weight too.
Life is good!

Credit: The image is from Wikipedia.