Massage redux

Got the massage business licence renewed.

It was not straight-forward. 🙁

(The adventure started two days ago. Someday, I’ll write about it.)

Anyways, for whatever it’s worth, I’ll be applying loads of what I got from my foray out of the safe confines of the massage room and into the “real” world to my practice.

Why did I do all that? Well, I had this sneaky suspicion that my clients were arriving at the massage “pre-primed” to be massaged, relaxed, treated, etc. They had had time to prepare themselves so that the body I was presented with was not the body that they were presenting to the outside world.

I was correct.

What they were doing was rather akin to someone ignoring their teeth and then furiously brushing and flossing the day before their dental check-up.

Adjustments to procedures are being made as I write this.

AND, a bonus has been the new friends I met up with along the way. ❤

Life is good.

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