Income Support

We made a difference.

All good things must come to an end. This was the best way to end.

I started work on a project with the Government of Alberta last month. You could call it a gig, I suppose.

Initially, it seemed straight forward: call people, ask them some questions, and move on.

WOW! Not like that at all. I met some beautiful souls these last few weeks. Folks who got forgotten, lost, abandoned, shafted, screwed, outgamed, tricked, pilloried, lost in the system, and any and all other terms we might care to apply.

I met some tireless social workers, health care workers, and numerous other support folks.

I saw and heard dignity, compassion, empathy, grief.

I had a chance to work with some beautiful souls too! I’ll miss that group: Sydney, Emily, Kee, Dana, Nizreen, and all the others. All y’all be taking care now, ya hear?

Our part is complete but the support program lives on.

This program is top notch. Please, if at all possible, tell everyone you know about it.

It’s the most human thing you could this entire day:

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