Rest, Relax, and Rejuvenate

Post-pandemic time.

Getting back into the flow won’t happen on its own.

Time and peace of mind must be wrenched back from habits formed during this pandemic.

I’ve personally spent most of the last couple of years reacting to changes around me.
I got good at it.

I was fortunate from the outset in that I didn’t have anyone dependent on me. Not even so much as a plant!
I know plenty of other folks who were the mainstay of their partners, children, grandchildren, employers, and their social circle. What a load they took on!

All of us are now finding our selves in a time of decompression. And it can feel a bit chaotic because we’re all “coming out” at different rates. I still see folks wearing masks. I still see folks scrubbing surfaces with disinfectants. I still see folks keeping up with the pandemic news. And I see other folks doing none of these things.

Honestly, all I can say is that I’m tired of reacting. I’ve never been a fan of being stampeded.
I’m starting to tap into that little ol’ creativity thing that I buried some time back and I’m finding peace doing things that create instead of simply maintain.

Slowly. At our own pace. Slow, conscious steps. Sometimes forward. Sometimes backwards. Sometimes to the left or the right. Let’s not critique ourselves nor others if we aren’t going in the same direction. Let’s instead be grateful we move at all.