Why Wait For Summer?

I have been meaning to change my price for massages for some time now.

I’m seeing that most places are increasing their prices. This bothers me to no end because it seems that they’re trying to recover the losses they got hit with during the pandemic by extracting more from their loyal clients.

I think my clients deserve a break.

So, here it is: my massage services are now $79.95/hour. That’s for all the modalities I offer.
One price.

I am also holding back on the morning massage time slot for a while. During the upcoming warmer months, it just makes sense to provide massage in the evenings.

As we are coming out of tax season here in Canada, you’ll want to get back to your regular massages.
Book one for yourself. Do it today!

And yes, I am aware of the changes announced a little while ago with the Strathearn Heights mall (https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/strathearn-centre-edmonton-1.6444982). Trust me, I’ll be keeping an eye on what that means to my location!