Win, win, win!

Well, I have to say I’m pleased. Ecstatic might be a better word for it. The booking/scheduling calendar has proven itself. Thank you Booking Calendar for this no cost plugin. I am tempted to explore what the “paid for” version offers. Perhaps down the road.

The $79.95 morning massages are proving popular! This makes me so happy. Bookings are slow but increasing over time as the word gets around.

Soon, I’m looking forward to moving part of my operation into Sherwood Park. I love that place! This is a long term plan. It might take until the end of this year, but it will definitely make it easier for my Sherwood Park clients to get their massages.

Life is looking great! I am so happy.

Interested in booking for a massage with me? Head on over to and pick a time that suits you!

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