The Booking Calendar

Is the search complete?

I’ll admit it. I enjoy fiddling with this website.
I look on it as a work in progress.
I do get folks contacting me making a website for me, but I turn them down.
I’d prefer to spend time learning something on my own than to spend money on a complete stranger’s idea of perfection.

That’s just the way I am.

And so it has gone with getting a booking calendar.
I suppose that I could have bought someone’s “off the shelf” solution.
I much preferred to see what was out there and make choices for myself.

My criteria were simple:
– NO requirement for a password before booking an appointment
– no cost to me for using the calendar.
– no third party collecting the data of the client.

All of these have been met by this plugin. I plan to hold onto it for quite some time to come.
You can check it out for yourself here: