Well, I Gone and Done It

I have a booking calendar.

I actually had a booking calendar from a company named Calendarspots.

The link to them is here: www.calendarspots.com . Great product. Great company. There was only one problem: nobody wanted to book with the calendar. Prospective clients would call or text to ask about availabilities and if I directed them to my calendar I’d get no bookings.

It was very strange.

After some years, I canceled the subscription with Calendarspots. It was a pity because they were so helpful.

So, after that time I was handling all my bookings the old-fashioned way: Folks would call or text me. Simple.

Life does not stay simple! I was finding that I needed a booking solution for the website once again and that’s how I discovered Start Booking. Their link is www.startbooking.com. This booking calendar is undergoing some testing from me. So far, it’s doing great! Unfortunately, I ran into some issues that their tech support couldn’t resolve. So, the search continued…

You can find the booking calendar by coming to my website at www.robhodgins.com and click the Bookings tab in the menu.

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