And The Music

The music of Mannheim Steamroller was introduced to the family through a school Christmas concert in the early 90s.Shortly thereafter I played this and other Mannheim Steamroller tunes every year as “part ‘n parcel” of the Chrismas tree being decorated.Good times. I can almost “see” the younger version of the kids decorating…

There are loads of Mannheim Steamroller videos on Youtube. I’d link to them from here, but I have no idea how long the links would stay active. So, I’ll just tell you to head on over there and give them a listen. All are great!

Folks are planning all manner of festive activities over these next few weeks. I’ve got some plans of my own on the go, so I’ll just wish everyone a wonderful holiday season with lots of hygge, lots of lagom, and lots of love.

Take care all y’all!

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