The time has come

There has been a LOT of press about the covid vaccines in the news. At some point, we will all be faced with answering the question, “Do I get poked or do I not?”

I’m going to get the vaccine. Last week I got onto a waiting list.

Just about the only thing that qualifies me for getting onto the waiting list at this time is my age. I’m not in a vulnerable group, I’m not in an immuno-c0mpromised group. I’m just a guy who has hit his 60 year mark, hates masks (they tickle my nose!), and wants to do what is possible to contain the virus AND contain the fear that comes along for the ride.

There is a load of heated discussions out there about vaccines. I won’t add to the fire except to say that I don’t anticipate any surprising consequences once the vaccine hits my immune system. I intend to keep on keeping on with the hand washing and the social distancing…and the crummy nose-tickling masks for as long as is deemed to be necessary. And I expect that I will not be a place where the virus can multiply.

I can get along with that.

I salute all the medical and science workers that have made this moment possible. Thank you so much.

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