Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

This quote, attributed to Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, perfectly sums up my feelings today (December 20, 2020).

I have made changes to my services and pricing.

Last June, I dropped my prices in recognition of the difficult financial situations people were in. This proved extremely popular and I was overjoyed that so many folks could benefit from my offerings.

Now, as I’m facing a month long ban on my work, I am also having to reassess my own situation. I have dropped manual osteopathic services from my offerings and am only offering massage modalities. This is not a choice I’ve taken happily, however, there it is.

Simplicity, calmness, and clarity is still my mantra. That hasn’t changed!

Clients who have never attended a session that involved manual osteopathic modalities will notice no difference in their treatment regimens. Clients who attended sessions involving manual osteopathic treatments can contact me and I will attempt to connect you to a local manual osteopathic practitioner.

I have also increased my fee for services. I do this unwillingly.

My rates are now more in accord with those that other practitioners have been charging since reopening last June.

You can view the changes here:

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