I love minimalism. I dislike clutter.


And, if this is still news to anyone, I have been “dry-docked” until the middle of next January because of covid-19 concerns.

I’m not the only one. ALL registered massage therapists in the province of Alberta are not allowed to work.

So, I have some time on my hands and looking about at my home, business, and other facets of my life…I see clutter!

This last week has been spent nursing a wrenched back (it’s nearly back to 100% now) and working away at what to toss out.

One thing I’ve been meaning to play with is the WordPress theme I use. This current theme is the WordPress default for this year. I’ve decided to settle with this one because of issues I’ve run into with the theme I used to use: sometimes that theme wasn’t compatible with some changes I wanted to make to this site. Sticking with the default should remedy that problem. It doesn’t sound flashy, sexy, or adventurous. I know. I can live with that.

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