Social Literacy

Do you recall those crazy days of not so long ago when a night out was fun? Seems it was only last year.

It was.

These covid times have changed us.

We might be working from home.
We might not be working at all.
We’re so stressed that a lot of us aren’t getting out there.
It’s a scary world now.

But, a measure of socialization is important. So we get drawn to social media. Stop that. It’s hollow.

There are locations in Edmonton where socializing is paramount.
I’m talking about our network of community leagues:

These leagues are all over the city and likely within walking distance of your home. What you’ll get is a chance to collaborate with your neighbours. Mingle with the society that lives in your neighbourhood.

The leagues operate all manner of events and programs for all ages. And they follow the guidelines laid out for protection during these covid times.

It’s sad that so few people really know about these leagues…
Follow the link above and find your community league. Go check ’em out.
Feed your need to be social. It beats reading about conspiracy theories on Facebook, doncha know.