Physical Literacy

I deal with muscles. And I deal with pain. I’m a massage therapist and manual osteopath. I’ve been practising the art of drug-free relaxation and pain relief since 2013.

I frequently encounter clients with muscle and pain issues that quite frankly totally freak them out. Their pain is a complete “black box” to them and it frightens them to no end.

People here in Alberta are apparently not taught about muscles in school unless they enter a specialization. That’s sad. I’m a firm believer that people can and should know what is going on with their own bodies if only to dispel the panic they feel when something is amiss.

We’re living in an age of instant information. The web opens us up to immense sources of information. Sadly, we’re also in a mis-information age and unusual cures for pain are “out there” free for the picking.

So, where does a person go for information that they can rely on. When I was in massage college, I was introduced to a group named canfitpro and took course work in personal training. No, I didn’t get a certification as a personal trainer, but I did find that the course was an excellent springboard to understanding how our bodies worked. It also provided information on stretches and exercises that can be done to keep the body tuned.

The course costs. But, it may prove to be valuable to you and save you a pile of confusion too.

I would also like to introduce you to an amazing website called Pain Science. It’s a treasure house of information about the nature of pain. The owner of the site, Paul Ingraham does the research needed to answer a lot of issues that people have dealing with pain. It is definitely worth bookmarking and visiting regularly.

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