Financial Literacy

I’ve been seeing a lot of financial issues arising on my newsfeeds. The covid has really put people in a tough spot. A number of posts have mentioned a lack of financial literacy out there and some posts I’ve seen definitely show there a gap in some folk’s knowledge about finances. I’m not being judgemental…this stuff isn’t taught in school. So what’s a person to do? Who to trust to fill in the gaps?

A while back, I got an email from the folks at Oliver’s Learning asking for feedback about a course I’m taking. I gave them top marks. I’m handing this on you everyone out there in the hopes that you’ll have a look at what they offer.

I took the Financial Advisor course years and years ago and found Oliver’s helpful when I was studying for the certification exams. I’d forgotten all about them until I started working way through the Insurance course. I’m learning a lot about insurance that I hadn’t known before. It’s actually interesting!

No, it’s not free.
It costs.
Yes, maybe this stuff should have been taught in school.
It wasn’t. So here is a chance to learn it.