Oh, what a feeling!

It’s been almost two weeks since Rob Hodgins Calm started seeing clients again! It has been a long time.

So many things seemed to change over that period of time:
We came back to a world that had changed in a number of ways.

How has ‘touch’ changed? Well, the need for it has been brought to the fore-front. Many people simply took it for granted that there would always be someone around to contact, to connect with. Suddenly, that certainty was shaken. Touch has now been given a front and centre position when it comes to mental health maintenance.

Even better, the approach to ‘touch’ has been re-examined and people have been examining their personal boundaries…possibly for the first time in their lives.

Maintaining physical distance is becoming considered a right, rather than a statement of fear and an object of ridicule.

There has also been an increased awareness of personal hygiene and an understanding that we need to “up our game” in this department…without getting obsessive about it.

A final word:

Traditionally, July 1 has been the day I alter the pricing of my services.
This year will be no different and my clients are going to be pleased with the changes I’ve made because the changes make life simpler, and in many cases quite a bit more affordable! Wait for those changes in an upcoming post.