Touch Basics: An Idea in Progress

Over the past while, I’ve been playing with an idea that may soon become reality!

You don’t work in this field of massage therapy for too long before you realize something about our society and its reward system: Those who need massage therapy the most are very often those who can afford it the least. So, they go without.


It’s like this for many:

Talk about running close to empty! But what can be done? What could I do?


This has taken some time and it isn’t ready for release yet, but I have approached my community league board and the city’s neighbourhood recreation coordinator about using the hall as a venue for people to come out for a FREE guided sessions into my Touch Basics series.

I’ve talked about Touch Basics before here and on social media (as well as to anyone willing to have their ear talked off!). To summarize: Touch Basics shows people how to self-treat or have a buddy, partner, or coworker aid in simple treatments that reduce muscle pain.

No need to pay. Just show up for a few hours and you have some valuable new skills for helping yourself or others.

Then you’re ready for pain: No need to wait for a therapist, no need to wait to get off of work, no need to use up weekend time.

Touch Basics. Yeah, you can do that.

I was hoping to launch this series over Easter. That won’t happen because covid-19…
BUT, it IS going to happen.

Wait for it. I’ll keep you up to date.