Where did that go?

We’re into March already?

Time flies but were we having fun? There’s been a lot of seriously bad things impinging on us this year in the mainstream and the alternative media: fears of a global pandemic, government service cuts, our looming income tax bite, increases in domestic violence, unemployment, financial markets crashing. The list goes on for as long as someone chooses to look. Some folks might feel like they’re drowning.

BUT the key phrase is: “…as long as someone chooses…”!

We can (and must, in my opinion) choose compassion over empathy, choose building beautiful things in the face of negative things, choose to find the light and the good around us and savour that. A balance is essential and this is how we can recover that balance.

In my own area, I’ve been productive:

  • I was invited to take part in uploading videos of “me being me” to Facebook. These were a part of a #VPDExperiment that was filling social media recently. (The first upload was the morning after New Years…sicker than a dog! Talk about keeping it real.)
  • I learned a new modality that combines the relaxation power of massage with Nidra Yoga. 
  • The clinic where I subcontract (Massage Addict -Sherwood Park) is now offering Cranial Sacral techniques. This is a first for them and I’m proud to be the therapist doing the work.
  • I’ve also been working harder than ever at building meaningful social connections with my community: face to face time, in real life time, “no phone” time! ☺️

This year will bring joy and a plenty of suckworthiness along with it. A focus on the joy will reduce the stress of The Suck and let us deal with it better. We can do this!

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