Out of My Comfort Zone!

A colleague of mine had challenged me to upload a video of me being me to Facebook everyday for the next 30 days. I’m always challenging my clients to pick up new habits, so I figured that something like this was not just karma coming back to bite me, but it was also going to be fun.

For background, I used to do a fair amount of videotaping back when my kids were growing up. But, that was years ago. I had no equipment except my phone and hadn’t done any uploading with it…ever.

So, n00b mode. Been here before.

I got some tips from my colleague and from my eldest daughter about phones, videos, and uploads and I was off to the races….sort of.

See, the day before my first upload I was invited to a New Years dinner and dance party by some friends. At the party, I started getting a cold, left early, and was in bed by about 10 pm.

And. The. Cold. Was. Still. With. Me. In. The. Morning.

Okay, enough talk. Enjoy the video! It really IS the product of learning under the worst possible conditions.