The very best of the season to you!

Merry Christmas 2019 from Rob Hodgins Calm!

I’ve been working overtime on not getting worked up! It’s a worthwhile preoccupation. I’ve encountered so many folks online and in real life that are getting twisted about “keeping up” and “getting’er done”. My heart goes out to them.

Years ago, I was caught up in that. It culminated one year with a marathon gift wrapping session that ended around 3 am. I glugged down the hot chocolate the kids had left for me/Santa and nearly threw it up! That was the end of accepting that pace of life, I decided.

This year, it looked like Christmas would be seriously complicated.
How to get everyone together all at once?
Our family is growing: significant others, their families, friends, social events, etc.

It seemed that EVERYONE wanted a piece of my brood’s time.

I put on the thinking hat and came up with a plan! I told the kids I’d be open from the morning of the 25th until the evening of the 26th and they could come by any time in that range.

ZERO stress for them. None for me. And they agreed that the 26th would work out best for them. All of them.
The biggest hurdle for me in all of this was making it known to myself that I’m no longer the centre of their universe. But, hey….I didn’t bring them up to think otherwise.

So here I am writing on my blog, the bird is thawing, the food shop was done yesterday.

I had some time last night to go a bit goofy on Facebook and started accepting friend requests. From. All. Over. The. World.

This isn’t usually a recommended course of action for social media! But, you know what I learned? There are a heck of a lot of awesome folks out there.

Thank you for joining me on Facebook, my new friends.
Thank you for liking my Facebook business page!
I’ll be posting stuff there regularly to keep you up to speed on stress management. And I’m hoping soon to be publishing some ebooks I’ve been planning for a while…I’ll keep all of you in the loop about those.

As is said in Mexico, Besos y Abrazos! Take care!

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