It is that time of year

What a time we’re living in!

This time of year yours truly should be hibernating! Seriously!
Sadly, my spirit animal is not a bear. I regret that sometimes.

We’re in a time of huge transitions. Family, friends, work, money, our health, and even that ever-loving battle between our egos and our core values are coming in for a drubbing.

What’s the good news? Well, here in Edmonton we’re seeing some beautiful warm days. Today for example as I’m writing this the sky is many beautiful colours and the weather is warm.

Some time back (seems like years but it was only a couple of months) a friend of mine counselled me to “step back from what I thought was important” and focus on what I thought would be fun. And BOOM!

Things started breaking!
Old habits, worn out beliefs, tasks encrusted, not in merit but only in familiarity: these fell away.
New people, new ideas, new priorities started seeping into the cracks left by the old stuff.

So, that’s the idea behind the picture that i’ve posted a number of times on social media over the last while….lots of thinking AND new ideas coming through.

The coming year is going to have a number of changes to my business and the community around me. And I think I’m off to a great start: my family is strong, my circle of friends is growing and supportive, the health isn’t doing too shabby and my love for life (mine and all those around me) is stronger than it has ever been.

This might be my last post of 2019. No clue.
So, IF you want to connect with this magickal being who kicked me around with her counsel, please click over to Heart-Centred.

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