October frenzy!

What a crazy month this has been for this fortress of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation!

Normally, October is pretty mellow as the months go: folks settle into their routines and start thinking about Thanksgiving, Hallowe’en, and Christmas.

Not this year!

The upcoming federal election has made folks extremely edgy. The vibe is palpable. Scandalous stories emerge daily. It’s just a rerun I’ve seen over and over but for new and inexperienced voters, it’s been quite painful.

We have also been hit with something that has become known as The Sick. There’s some bug/germ out there that has hit most of my colleagues and friends. It’s keeping folks close to home. That, coupled with some unpredictable “winter but not quite winter” weather has kept folks indoors and not venturing out much except for work.

I’ve elected to cancel my Monday meetings for a while. They were a pretty good event but scheduling changes are making it harder to know if Monday evenings will be available. An evening will be set aside later on so these get togethers can continue. Thanks very much to everyone.

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