Oh, what a feeling!

It’s been a hectic summer, for sure!

We’ve had Kdays, Heritage Days, the Folk Fest. Currently, the Fringe is going on and there have been lots of other events happening all over the city and outside of it too.

This year, I joined the fray with my Touch Basics events. These were something that I’d wanted to do for some years now, but never got around to actually “putting in the energy” to getting it happen.

Quite. A. Lot. Of. Energy. Was. Needed.

All I can say is Wow! What an amazing experience it was. I’m blessed with the people I met who helped me get over the rough patches (there were a few rough ones) and the people who laughed with me at the successes (there were plenty of those) as well as all those people who helped “keep it real”.

A special thank you to Kelsey Westvelt of the Omega Spirit Centre and to Andrew Struthers of the Strathearn Community League for giving Touch Basics a home throughout these past few months. I truly appreciate your efforts.

I spent most of yesterday meditating, occasionally going for a stroll on social media and just contemplating the richness that past many months brought me. Thank you to everyone who was with me in real life or in spirit. I appreciate all of you.

The Touch Basics sessions “out there” is going to wind down for a bit. I am still offering it at my home clinic for those who prefer fewer people around and I am still offering it as a mobile service. I’m looking forward to getting back out there, though. I’ll keep “all y’all” up to date on when that happens.

Take care and if you see someone who has been working behind the scenes at any of all the events going on this summer….give ’em a hug. They’ll appreciate it so much.