Getting a booking system set up

Decisions, decisions, tsk, tsk.

I’ve been fiddling around with this idea for what seems like a long time. There are all kinds of booking apps out there offering greater or lesser amounts of convenience…for a price.

And, in this age where online privacy seems to be non-existent, using virtually ALL of these convenience-for-a-price apps seem to require people’s contact info being held on servers in some unknown location and often seem to require people to log in with their very own username and password combination just to make a new appointment.

For years, I relied on a service from a group called calendarspots. I found their customer service to be amazing. They really went out of their way to make my life easier. However, the need for someone to log in BEFORE making a booking just continued to nag at me. I mean, I’ve personally turned down many things online simply because I’m weary of writing down YAP (yet another password).

I went on a search for something different. I found something that meets about 66% of my needs: Booking Calendar. By internet standards, this critter is ANCIENT. I like that. It has staying power. Yes, it states that personal information is stored locally (that means I’m the only that has your email and phone information. Yes, it doesn’t appear to need a username/password combination to log in.

The down-side…well…I don’t actually see any downside. So, for the time being, the search is over. Is this the last word on getting a “set and forget” booking system up and running? Not on your Nellie!

But that is okay. Set and forget is hardly a winning attitude in life anyways!

To do a booking: at the bottom of each page is a calendar and some fields that need to be filled in. Click (or tap) on the day you want your appointment. Fill in your name, email address, and a quick message about what sort of treatment you are seeking and hit the Send button. I’ll get an email that you’ve made an appointment with me. I’ll get back to you ASAP (either by email or by phone) and then your appointment will be confirmed. EASY as pie and twice as nice!

Have yourselves a great today and everyday!