The convenience of our Digitalia

Convenience has been our goal and might not have been the best choice. Our digital lives are tucked away in computers and phones that we don’t really understand or feel we own, bundled with apps that might be doing a wee bit more than we realize, sharing a wee bit more than we might like. And we hope and pray that all will be well.

If there is a way and a means whereby we can gain more control over what gets bandied about “out there”, I believe this Raspberry Pi 4 or something like it) and this cell phone will be it.

I’m somewhat excited by this Raspberry Pi. It’s small in size but close to what our desktop machines have in terms of hardware specs and it’s fueled by software that is built by an open community not a closed corporation. I may not be able to read the code to know exactly what it does, but someone else with no vested interest in my wallet can read it. I rather like that.