Head and toe

A fair amount of what I do involves working around the client’s neck and sometimes their hair really wants to get in on the action. This can muck with the flow of the massage, but I always try to reassure my clients that they’ll leave with pretty much the same number of hairs that they came in with. After all, I tell them, hair cutting is out of my scope of practice.

I like to have fun when I’m with my clients.

We trade stories, tips, news about family. It isn’t a cold clinical environment that greets my clients at the start of a session. it’s more like meeting up with a friend every now and again and staying in touch. (Pun intended!).

BUT SERIOUSLY, FOLKS. Yes, I do scalp massages! They’re beneficial for keeping the nerves busy in your head and that’s kinda important, doncha know!

AND I give a pretty good foot massage too…even for people who think that their feet are too sensitive to touch. Everyone should have one of those every now and again.

So ask your therapist to spend some time giving you a scalp and foot massage.
You’re in for a treat, for sure.

Even better: Come out to my Touch Basics Guided Session at the Omega Spirit Centre this coming Friday the 14th of June.
I’ll be guiding people through scalp and foot massage so you can do this at home at your convenience with your partner. You can get all the relevant information here. There’s a limited number of spots available. PLEASE PRE-REGISTER. Thank you. There will be no walk-ins for this event.


  1. After my last massage with Rob, I had a foot massage. It was bliss and I left with very happy feet. Your feet take you everywhere without complaint why not give them a treat once and while! I highly recommend Rob!

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