Our Start

Every now and again, I read something that gets my mind racing. Today, that was this article https://www.sciencealert.com/ancient-carvings-in-turkey-show-a-comet-hitting-earth-changing-civilisation-forever about an event that may have sparked the beginnings of civilization as we currently know it.

Just give a thought to the idea that we haven’t always lived as we do now…and we could be close to setting a date at which we, as humans, started changing spiritually, physically, and socially.

I can think of two huge changes we’d have to come to terms with as we progressed: dealing with convenience and dealing with boredom.

Convenience isn’t a benefit. It isn’t free. It carries a cost.

• Convenience food.

• Convenience housing.

• Convenience relationships.

These all cost and can deliver less “nutrition” for our souls than “inconvenient” things do.

Boredom is, to me, a disease of the mind. We get bored and we can do some beautiful things like sculpture or painting. But we can also do some pretty stupid things, too.

This is how we are now: bored and seeking convenience….

Curse you, comet!

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