Boredom Food. Snacking!

When I get bored or I find myself completely unenthused with what’s in front of me, my mind wanders…

For years coffee was the go-to. There was a comfortable routine involved in prepping a cup that gave my mind something to chew on and a “reward” that could be anticipated as the caffeine hit my system a few swallows later.

(Looking back, that reward was rarely achieved. Usually, the mind had found something else to think about so coffee time was really just note taking time.)

For some years, processed snacks (corn chips, potato chips, cheese chips) were added to the list. These things were so convenient. They could sit on my counter for days and not go bad. Seemed pretty perfect.

I think the oil got to me. That and a heart to heart talk with a colleague who reminded me to be conscious of the price of convenience and what I’m stuffing in my mouth!

Now, the escape food is a veggie plate…with bluberries tossed in for variety! There’s something for the eyes as well as the taste buds and the gut here. And yes, the veggies look a bit “old”. I can live with that.

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