Rob Hodgins Calm – A new look

For quite some time, I have been using a logo that was starting to feel “shop worn”.

I decided to come up with something new. Something that would be easy to remember.

After a lot of head scratching, I came up with the logo show at the top of the page.

There are 3 major elements to this logo: the yin/yang symbol in the middle, the arrows vectoring outwards, and the figure who is walking a tightrope.

These elements encompass what I believe a balanced and aligned would look like.

The yin/yang symbolism is a representation of many things. A quick Google search will turn up a lot of ideas. One idea I like is that the yin/yang represents the co-existence of a person’s ego and their core values. Combined, these are the spirit. In practical terms, the status of these two can determine the course a person will follow as soon as they wake up in the morning.

Now, what will that person do? This is where the arrows come in.

The arrows represent the Family, Physical, Social, Mental (or Learning), Financial, and Career/Business aspects of a person’s life. Through the years, I’ve noticed that most endeavours people take on revolve around these aspects.

On a daily basis, the tightrope walker is, at any given moment in time, preoccupied with one or another of these aspects. And the intention is that these aspects will grow in value over the course of the person’s life.

An ideal life is one (to my mind) that shows overall growth in ALL aspects over time. A person who is deficient in growth in one or more of these aspects will be unaligned, unbalanced, and likely suffering in some manner or causing people around them to suffer.

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