A talk at the Millwoods Seniors Association

I had a great time a few days back meeting interested members of the Millwoods Seniors Association and discussing the advantages offered by Manual Osteopathy. This modality (comprised of joint work, fascial work, cranial sacral work, and visceral manipulation) is becoming an increasingly popular approach to pain relief and balancing and sligning the body.

Key points raised were:

  • the efficiency of the treatments with results being felt by the clients within 10-15 minutes
  • the simplicity of the treatments
  • the whole-body philosophy behind the treatments.
  • the “Teaching Approach” I take with the treatments.



Andrew Still, the founder of Osteopathy, had this to say about the role of surgery in treating the body.

“Osteopathy has a system of surgery after it has exhausted all reason to save life or limb by nature’s powers to reduce tumors by vital excretory activities, banish ulcers by bringing more good blood and repairing faster than the powers to waste can destroy. After exhausting those means then bring in the knife and saw. Osteopathy has but little use for the knife, when no human skill can avail in the effort to save life or limb without knife and saw, then we are willing to use anything or any method to save that life or give relief, and will be bold enough to do so for the best, and hope for good results.”

A.T. Still

Journal of Osteopathy, January 1902


Invasive methods such as drugs and surgery should be a LAST resort to pain treatment.

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